Welcome to the landing page! :-)

This is a temporary page for now, I'm making a forum for you guys. I hope it will work with the limitations of a free account. This was also made by Demomanwithafryingpan, Please look at the main site Here!

So, since the site is being created I will tell a little bit of why I made this. Well, I think the internet is missing a part where forums are really used, and not abandoned. Alot of forums now are dead or abandoned because of things like Discord and many more like it. Forums are something that everyone should experience. So AlmightyROFL was born. The name is based off of AlmightyLol. A forum that was well knited together.But Unlike AlmightyLol our forum WILL be SFW instead of NSFW. I think forums should be back and this will probaly be the first to make it alive. EDIT!: I made the fourm. It's on Freeforums.net